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Design, Setup, Support & Administration
Tekno MicroSystems provides complete networking services from start to finish, allowing you to focus on what’s important to you – running your business. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable about all the latest technologies, and can help you develop strategies to streamline your business processes.

Whether you need a completely new network installed, or are just looking to upgrade to accommodate your growing business, Tekno MicroSystems can help. We can formulate a secure network architecture that aligns with your company’s needs, and we also help you make decisions about network equipment purchases.

We install all network components – cabling, routers, switches, servers and workstations, LAN, and Ethernet. Our consultants are highly experienced in network and computer wiring with cat5/cat6 cable.  After the initial installation and setup we will also provide network maintenance tips for optimizing the performance and life of your network.


Tekno MicroSystems works closely with small businesses to manage all of your networking requirements, including:
• Sending and receiving e-mail
• Connecting remotely to the office network from home or on the road
• Sharing files and documents in one office on a single server or PC
• Managing group projects from a single location


Backup and Storage Systems
It is vital for any business to protect and store important data. Tekno MicroSystems will develop a comprehensive data protection and recovery service for your business, thus reducing the risk of partial or full loss of your company's data.  We can design and implement several types of back up solutions including the following:

• Tape
• NAS (Network Attached Storage)
• Automated Online Backup


Network and Computer Support Services
Tekno MicroSystems offers a variety of ongoing maintenance and support plans that may be utilized per occurrence or on a monthly contract basis. When your system has an issue, simply contact us and we will attempt to identify and resolve the difficulty remotely, and if necessary, send a technician to repair the problem. In most cases, issues are resolved over the phone or via e-mail, this helps reduce costs in your yearly IT expenses.


Wireless and Wired Security
Ensuring that Wi-Fi and wired networks are secure is a persistent challenge for most businesses. There are numerous preventive measures that can be taken to reduce the chance of a security breach on your wired and/or wireless networks. Tekno MicroSystems will help you integrate effective security measures, as well as create guidelines in order to protect your company's wireless and wired LANs. Offering you peace of mind that your business is working on the most secured of networks.


Repairs and Upgrades
Our experienced team is available to assist with advanced diagnostics, repairs, upgrades and preventative maintenance. Our repair and upgrade services include:
• Cleaning
• OS repair
• OS optimization
• Software updates
• Firmware upgrades
Our diagnostic and optimization procedures can uncover the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness or internet problems, while offering solutions that will speed computer and network performance.


 Please Contact Us and a representative will call you back to discuss your needs.